Signs of the advent of the twelfth Imam of the Hazrat Mahdi as


۲۷۷ بازديد

2.departure sofyani

ibn Anbasa known as Sufyani, a descendant of harridan the liver eater and the worst man in the month of Rajab after the khasf and destruction of one village and after the dispute between the two flags rises , and his entire period from the beginning of his departure until his death will be 15 months after the conquest and domination of Damascus, Homs, Palestine, Jordan and Ghennesirin. He rules for 9 months. To suppress the Shiites, he sends his forces to Iraq and the Hejaz. His army, on its way to the gherghisiya area, clashes with several other divisions and destroys them all.Six months before the uprising of Hazrat Mehdi(as), there will be a Sofyani revolt