Signs of the advent of the twelfth Imam of the Hazrat Mahdi as


۲۷۳ بازديد

Certain signs of appearance

In many sayings and narrations, certain signs of appearance are said to be five signs. There are also other signs that will be mentioned in the next chapter:

1. Departure of Yamani

Yamani is one of the Shi’ite followers of Amir al-Muʾminin Ali (AS) and he will depart before the appearance in order to fight Sufyani from Yemen. Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (AS) says: Sufyani, Yamani, and Khurasani will depart in the same year, month, and day. Their departure is followed by each other like necklace beads. Wherever you look, there will be fear, panic, and stress. Woe unto him who fight them. Among them, there is no purer flag than the Yamani’s flag which is the flag of guidance and invites you to your owner. When Yamani departs, he will forbid the trade of weapons. When he departs, hurry to him because his flag is the flag of guidance and no Muslim should stand against him. Whoever does this will go to hell because Yamani invites people to Truth and the right path. Imam Sadiq (AS) said: One of the children of Zayd, my uncle will depart in Yemen. According to a saying: Where will be Sufyani, and that is when the breaker of his eyes has not yet departed from Yemen; Based on this narration, Yamani could be before Sufyani and he is the first certain sign.