Signs of the advent of the twelfth Imam of the Hazrat Mahdi as


۲۶۷ بازديد
Note 1: Most of these series happen in the period of 26 months until the appearance. Note 2: The signs that are occurred before are not mentioned. Note 3: There are 570 occurred signs. Scholars could study the second volume of “The Time of Liberation” and “Mahdi (AJ), the expected”. But, according to narrations, the day of his appearance is Jum’a (Friday) and Ashura (The tenth day of Muharram), and what is forbidden concerning the determination of time is that one should not specify any exact year of the appearance. One of the most beneficial characteristics of knowing the signs of the appearance is that in the time you live, you can predict one or two years in which the appearance occurs or not. According to narrations, he appears in an odd years, such as one, three, five, seven, nine, and certain signs –which are five- must occur in an even year. (Of, course, just as the fourteen infallibles (a.s.) have pointed to lunar months and have expressed the evidence of signs based on lunar months, the events must be investigated in this manner.) One year before the appearance, three things will be completely evident: A: Different places all over the East and West will be sunk into the earth (khasf=Sink to the bottom of the earth) and khasf Bayda is an important one that is a certain sign. B: Many Sayyids and Alavis such as Sayyid Hasani and Shu’ayb ibn Salih and Yamani will revolt in order to prepare the conditions for appearance and passing the flag of guidance to Mahdi (AJ). Yamani is the most important figure among them and he is a certain sign. C: Different heralds will be heard in Rajab, Ramadhan, Dhu al-Hijjah, Ashura, etc. and the most important of heralds will be heard on the night of 23rd Ramadhan which is one of the certain signs of appearance.
It is said that Hassani is not Sayyid